Ary-Data Base

Ary-Data Base

Its a bit challenging, but where's the fun doing easy thing.

Here are some key features of our B+Tree:

Internal Nodes:

  • The internal nodes hold keys, offsets and pointers, but not the actual data.

  • These keys guide us through the tree, while the pointers direct us to child nodes.

Leaf Nodes:

  • LeafNode of B+Tree

    The leaf nodes store the real data as key-value (KV) pairs.

Understanding the Basics:

  • Each node starts with a header. This 4-byte header includes 2 bytes for the node type and 2 for the number of keys.

  • Pointers (8 bytes each) link to child nodes, with their total size being 8 times the number of keys.

  • Offsets show the position of each key and are 2 bytes per key.

  • KeyLength and ValLength are each 2 bytes and indicate the size of keys and their associated values.

  • Then comes the actual key and its corresponding value.

Page Size:

  • The standard page size for our nodes is 4096 bytes.
    You can check your system's page size using "getconf" on Unix-like systems.

Key and Value Sizes:

  • We've set maximum sizes for keys and values in the B+Tree:
public static final int BPLUSTREE_MAX_KEY_SIZE = 1000;
public static final int BPLUSTREE_MAX_VAL_SIZE = 3000;

I've already set up the B+Tree to handle [Header, Pointer, Offset, KeyLength, ValueLength, Key, Value]. I will share more detailed articles soon. For questions, feel free to contact me at